Monday, January 27, 2014

Strongly typed external data sources language integration in F#

I have read something that I bot like and consider important: Data sources integration in the language.

I like it because it is a really interesting feature in the sense that data is integrated into the language just like control flow, for example, quoting the paper by Syme et al. (see below), we may use

let data = Samples.DataStore.Freebase.FreebaseData.GetDataContext()

Even when specifying the route to te database Coaching_Positions, the IDE itself will show us all options as it finds them, much like code completion with language keywords and loaded types.

On the other hand, this is important because is of high value for the data scientist. Moreover, in F#, they have made it so as to scale with internet data (Big Data) and especially designed it to word from the cloud, making the model especially appealing for modern use. I hope Clojure catches up in this field and adds something of the like soon.

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