Friday, January 31, 2014

Some sad goodbies :-(

I am sadly taking out several blogs from my read list at the right...

Our teacher (by his book) Larry Wasserman decided to stop writing on his blog. There, he mentioned that sparse regressors, being as useful as they are, have a infinite risk in a region near zero, which could be of no practical consequence for most applications but may be too dangerous for some cutting edge applications (precision robotics, high frequency trading...). He left the door open for a comeback, we certainly hope so!

mathbabe (Cathy O'Neil). She writes a lot and I was finding her blog posts a little bit confusing for and many of them not in line with what I want to read or show in my blog, even though I support some of her views and agree on her reasons to short Facebook, which in turn coincide with a recent Princeton application of an empidemology model to social networks.

Peekaboo (Andreas Müller), seems to have left his blog aside and moved on. He has very interesting material there, though.

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