Monday, January 6, 2014

Denarius financial exchange announcement

I've been busy on Christmas working on Denarius, a financial exchange. This is the announcement that I've benn posting on several sites (see, for example, on bitcointalk).

Dear all,

I just started out a new open source project to implement a financial exchange project.

The implementation is in Clojure, which has already given the project a kick start with the matching engine concurrency. Interested Clojure programmers are invited to join.

Also, programmers working in finance, parallel systems and databases are kindly invited to join. Contributions to the core system design are highly welcome.

This project stems from unsatisfactory use of other existing projects regarding financial exchanges, and is of interest for the bitcoin community since cryptocoins are among the tradeable assets in the software.

This account is newbie's, so diffusion to other parts of bitcointalk is appreciated.

Subscribe just sending an email to:
Source code:

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