Monday, October 14, 2013

MyML: Yeat another Machine Learning library in Python

Yes I know there are a number of (very) well developed and advance ML libraries already out there, especially for Python. What is the point of starting another one?

Well, first of all, when one starts something, he usually does it for the sake of it. For learning. That is my prime reason. I want to sharpen my Python skills with fairly advanced topics, focusing the library on well designing principles and not-so-mainstream state-of-the art techniques, such as an implementation of

  [1] K. Fukumizu, C. Leng - Gradient-based kernel method for feature
      extraction and variable selection. NIPS 2012.

that I had already implemented in an ad hoc fashion.

Plus, one cannot help but implementing classical techniques and focus on doing it well for once. Look at this UML chart of the Logistic Regression implementation: The Logistic Regression is just a broker of other classes, it just creates a DifferentiableObjective of subclass Logistic, so that any AbstractGradientDescent method can use this implementation to compute the objective function values and the gradients at the parameter space locations (see the diagram):

The diagram was created with

Therefore, the same logistic regression can be estimated by classical gradient descent such as the current implementation, or one can implement an online, stochastic or natural gradient descent variants (future work) and plug them into the factory, which then uses the user argument values to select the particular algorithm. The same applies to other methods, and one can implement a hige loss or classical regression with quadratic loss and just plug in the gradient descent algorithm.


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