Thursday, July 19, 2012

Using Whatsapp on your PC

I have never been a huge fan of cell phones. I am one of those people who think that a phone is just a phone, you use it to speak to others and keep in touch, but not to carry Youtube with you all around.

However, my buddies have started to go into silent mode from me and the reason is that they only use Whatsapp now, so no matter where they are they agree to meet or to do anything on short notice. This leaves me in a very miserable position.

What I did is the following:
  1. I instaled the Android SDK that comes with an emulator.
  2. In the AVG Manager, in the image I created to emulate a Smartphone, I added the property hw.keyboard with the value yes so I could use my PC keyboard to write into the virtual phone. You can also edit your confil.ini that is located under your user directory ~\.android\avd\device.avd\, and add hw.keyboard=yes .
  3. I downloaded Whatsapp from the virtual device.
  4. I installed the app (believe it or not it was the most difficult part for me, finding out how to reach the downloaded files, I downloaded it three times).
  5. During the first execution, it asked me for my real phone number and they sent a regular SMS to my (physical) phone.
  6. I then added my friends' phones to my contact in Android and it automatically marked them as using Whatsapp.
  7. Then one of them added me to the groups they were using to meet.

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