Monday, April 16, 2012

Setting up CUDA in Windows and Visual C++ Express 2008 Addendum

With CUDA Toolkit 4.x, things are slightly different.

Syntax highlighting

The necessary files are under


The following procedure is credited to the user sdtougao from NVIDIA forums. This is what you need to build your projects correctly.
  • Copy the rules files, <NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit>\CUDA\v4.0\extras\visual_studio_integration\ rules to the VS2008 installation directory, <Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0>\VC\VCProjectDefaults
  • Open a SDK project in VS2008, for example clock.sln, open "custom build rule",select "NvCudaRuntimeApi.rules".
I don't even need to do the second step and SDK examples compile without errors. I can't know if that is related to my previous installation, though.


A registry key file is provided so that double-clicking on it adds the necessary keys to the registry without any extra effort.

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