Sunday, March 11, 2012

Integrating Latex in Blogger

If you wonder how I managed to get the beautiful formulae of the previous post, you need to go to the Dashboard, and in Templates, find the "Edit HTML" button. You will edit the very template you are using to visualize your blog. Then, right before the HTML tag "</head>", put this:
<script src='' type='text/javascript'>
extensions: [&quot;tex2jax.js&quot;,&quot;TeX/AMSmath.js&quot;,&quot;TeX/AMSsymbols.js&quot;],
jax: [&quot;input/TeX&quot;, &quot;output/HTML-CSS&quot;],
tex2jax: {
inlineMath: [ [&#39;$&#39;,&#39;$&#39;], [&quot;\\(&quot;,&quot;\\)&quot;] ],
displayMath: [ [&#39;$$&#39;,&#39;$$&#39;], [&quot;\\[&quot;,&quot;\\]&quot;] ],
&quot;HTML-CSS&quot;: { availableFonts: [&quot;TeX&quot;] }
Then write your $\LaTeX$ formulae as if you were using your MikTex, eclosing them within dollar symbols, or within double dollar symbols if you need an environment similar to displaymath.

By the way, I prevented the parsing of the previous code by the Math.js Latex parser (on the server, as you can see) by surrounding the text by the HTML tag <pre>. Otherwise the parser finds some of the codes above as erroneous Latex.

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